Portfolio Capital Planning & Consulting Services
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Portfolio Capital Planning

Portfolio Capital Planning

Clients with large building portfolios may face challenges with prioritizing projects for each building asset to maximize the efficiency of their annual budgets. It can be difficult to prioritize the projects without “fresh eyes on the ground” and a state of disrepair can become the norm within the building assets.

A Portfolio Capital Plan will include:

  • Full Property Condition Assessments of every asset within the Portfolio.
  • Prioritizing projects and replacements based on need and urgency of the projects.
  • Organizing related projects to coincide where possible to minimize tenant disturbance and set-up/take-down costs.
  • The final product will include a full comprehensive list of all of the upcoming projects and when they are expected based on budgets provided.

HLC’s staff has experience conducting assessments on many assets within a portfolio and prioritizing renewal projects based on life safety, condition and remaining useful life.  The assessment typically includes a full visual inspection of all Architectural, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Fire/Life Safety systems within each of the building assets.  HLC will then use the collected data to prioritize upcoming projects and ensure efficient use of the available budget.

If you manage a large portfolio and require assistance in developing a capital plan, please contact us!