Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA’s) - HLC Consulting Ltd.
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Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA’s)

Environmental Site Assessments

Phase I or Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) are often required when a commercial property is acquired, sold or refinanced through a financial institution. Due diligence is a critical part of managing risk during property transactions and purchasers and property managers need to know about potential onsite contamination.

Phase I ESA

A Phase I ESA assesses the potential for contamination from historical and/or current activities on the site and surrounding areas, and determines the ownership and use of the properties over the period during which the property has been developed.

Phase II ESA

Environmental Site Assessments

A Phase II ESA goes beyond a Phase I where there is a potential for contamination from the present or past activities on the site and requires sampling and analysis to determine the site’s present status.

All work is completed in accordance to Canadian Standards Association (CSA Z768-01 and Z769-00).

Other Environmental Testing Services

Other environmental testing services includes the collection and laboratory analysis of water (drinking water and contaminated water) and soil samples.